To those wondering what the subliminal message “Find The Argus Apocraphex” in 30STM’s video Hurricane means,

Here’s the best explained version I’ve found on the theory I believe.

Argus Apocraphex is a way of life, a way to escape the harshness of reality, things always seem closer then they really are in the Argus Apocraphex, following the Argus Apocraphex means we as the Echelon (The 100 eyes of Argus) have to escape into blissful environment where we can unite and launch forth into the depths of our minds, but at the same time divide and progress on our own personal journeys, reuniting in the environment created by us all.

The song End of the Beginning is the key to unlock the puzzle here’s why :

In the song End of the Beginning this is what it said:

It’s the end here today but I will build a new beginning, take some time, find a place, and I will start my own religion.

Okay, what this means is that Argus Apocraphex isn’t a book it is in fact a religion, a way of life.

The next part of the puzzle is this (also lyrics from End of the Beginning) :

You saw what you get when you take what you take, look in the eye of the test, it’s all because, now there’s a feeling I get when I look to the left but it should never be sensed, start searching for a sign.

This is the ordeal of the Phoenix. For those of you who don’t know, the Phoenix was a bird that when it died its body burned into ash, then was reborn again from its own ashes. This is our test, looking into the eye of the Phoenix and cutting off what connections we have to real life.

This is where Provehito in Altum comes in. Provehito in Altum means Launch Forth into the Deep. Maybe not the deep how about the depths? After the test is complete we can launch forth into the depths of our mind and unlock the bliss of the Argus Apocraphex religion or way of life, however you see it.

United as one the Echelon becomes the one hundred eyes of Argus, the warriors and keepers of the gate to the Apocraphex. Divided we may start our own personal journeys into the vast possibilities of the Apocraphex; this is where A Beautiful Lie comes in.

Everything is connected; 30 Seconds to mars, Provehito in Altum, The Argus Apocraphex, The Phoenix, and the personal journey and escapism that A Beautiful Lie talks about. This journey could be the journey of the first to enter this way of life, Jared Leto.

By Sean Davidson [Echelon]